Making Tutoring Creative!

Hello Tutors! I think that by making the learning process more interesting, enjoyable, and creative for our students, who we tutor is the key for a successful learning experience. Tutoring should be creative! Of course, how creative we are depends on the student's learning style. Creativity means that we ask the students what do they think is the answer to their question? If they are on the right track, we can ask them to expand on their answer by asking them to provide example(s). If they are on the wrong track, a tutor should provide hint(s) and then, let the student figure out the final answer. Like Courtney said at the meetings, we are there to facilitate the learning experience and not give out answers to all of the questions. It's a team effort. A tutor and a student are a team. A tutor is trying to figure out what learning method will be the most suitable for this student and a student makes sure that he or she understands the material very well. So, let's open up our creativity and therefore, make tutoring creative! Also, we should motivate the students by saying, "Keep on working hard." "Success is a journey, not a destination."

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  1. Gary, you're absolutely right. Imagine what kind of effect we would have on our university if we, and our students, began really valuing the questions more than the answers.


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